An American trying to figure out the high thrills and constant excitement that is the world of analytics in Scottish football. Because if there is one thing that a Scotsman loves, it is being told that how they look at football is all wrong and being told that by an American.

The author of this blog had a thirst for knowledge about the Scottish game and wanted to see the same ideas the football/soccer analytics community applied to the Scottish game. After a quick google search he became frustrated when Scottish football was mostly ignored by those tracking these stats, so he uses much smarter people’s ideas about analytics in the world of Football and applies them to the Scottish Premiership.

The previously mentioned much smarter people he goes to for inspiration include but are not limited to: Stats Bomb who cover the whole wide world of stats in football, 11tegen11 who focuses on Dutch football. who does consistently great work dealing with Scottish football and has been very helpful to the author while the bumble through learning the basic stats concepts.

The Rangers Report who focuses on some team from Glasgow and the Scottish Championship.

American Soccer Analysis who focus on the MLS.

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