It seemed like a good time to check in with B.U.R.L.E.Y. and see how he sees the SPFL Premiership table shaking out, mostly because a few people asked me and I had time to update everything. If you are wondering what exactly B.U.R.L.E.Y. is, let me direct you to this link where I describe my SPFL projection model and his picks for this year. Before we get to who B.U.R.L.E.Y. sees going down and who will be in the top six, let me first point out that B.U.R.L.E.Y. has correctly picked 3 matches more than both FiveThirtyEight and you dopes. Go ahead and picture a robot with Craig Burley’s head scoring a goal, doing a front flip, and then completing a 20 yard knee slide to the corner flag.

Burley Crowds 538.png

Now that we have that out of the way, let us dive into how B.U.R.L.E.Y. sees each SPFL club finishing. First, I would like to note that the projections go through 33 matches this season, right up to where the league splits in half. The last column is the points per game B.U.R.L.E.Y. projects each team to have through 33 matches multiplied by 38. It is not perfect, but neither is playing 38 games with 12 teams in the league, so here we are.

BURLEY Projected Table

B.U.R.L.E.Y. probably will not get much credit for picking a Celtic-Rangers top 2, but B.U.R.L.E.Y sees the big Glasgow clubs separating themselves from the rest of the league. The top six according to B.U.R.L.E.Y. is a bit more interesting, with Aberdeen, Hibs, Motherwell, and Hamilton (??). St. Johnstone and Hearts are projected to finish in the bottom half, with Partick Thistle projected to go down and Ross County in the relegation playoff spot. Will B.U.R.L.E.Y. get these picks right or will some club go and stick in the robot’s eye? As some cliche spouting coach of something that I forget the name of said, “that’s why you play the game.”

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