Welcome to the first in a possible reoccurring series of posts where I take queScreen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.17.26 PM.pngstions from you, the reader interested in some combination of Scottish football and stats in football. I was unsure if I would actually get any questions when I asked for them on twitter, so to get too many to questions to feature in one post was quite the surprise and very humbling. People disparage both Scottish football and analytics in football, so to see so many people interested in either/or (OR POSSIBLY BOTH?! You people get the gold star) is great. Now, onto your questions!


Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.33.44 PM.png

Daisy here is not the first Jags supporter to ask about how Thistle do at set pieces. I am not sure what has caused Partick Thistle fans to be so concerned about set pieces, but questions about how they do might be one of the things I get asked most. Set pieces are what many in the football analytics community seem to believe is the biggest opportunity to gain an advantage over opponents.

Set Piece Chart.png

To see how Thistle compare to the rest of the league, I counted every set piece each club has had so far in the attacking half of the field. Now, I have discussed the limited public data available for Scottish football, so I used the same BBC live tracker data I use for my expected goals. Since that is what I am limited to, I decided to count any goals resulting around a set piece. It may not have gone in directly from the either the free kick or corner kick, but the resulting play led to a goal, so there is a bit of subjectivity to it but it should give us an idea how the Jags compare to the rest of the league.

Set Piece Graph.png

I have got some good news for the Firhill faithful. Your club is above average in the league at set pieces! The league average is around 3.86% conversion rate on corners and free kicks combined. Partick Thistle come in at a whopping 5.53% and they compare favorably to the top 4 clubs in the Premiership. So rest easy Jags supporters, your club is doing ok when it comes to set pieces.

“Are there any players Celtic should sign from the rest of the SPFL?”- Julio Lèon via email

Are there players good enough to play for Celtic on other clubs in the SPFL and be successful? Yes. Are these players better than what they have? I’m not so sure.


Who are these players that I think would be successful at Celtic? Well, have I ever mentioned this striker at Ross County? Liam’s his name…I can’t quite recall his last name. Boyle? Boyd? Bourne? Oh, Liam Boyce, that’s right. Boyce has 11 goals from 6.35 xG this season, outperforming his xG. Could he see a regression? Possibly, but he also outperformed his expected goals last year. Typically, great players will outperform their xG.  Looking at his shooting stats, Boyce averages 1.94 shots per 90 minutes this season. Compared to Leigh Griffiths, who is averaging around double the number of shots per 90 minutes. However, Boyce averages an expected goal of 0.19 per shot, which is higher than Griffiths’ 0.13 xG per shot. Given that you would expect a striker playing for Celtic to naturally have more chances on average than a striker for Ross County, as well as his superior xG totals per shot, one would expect Boyce to not only replicate Griffiths’ success with Celtic, but perhaps exceed it as well. Is Boyce better than Moussa Dembele? No, but I do not expect Dembele to be at Celtic past this summer.

I would also point Julio to Callum Patterson, once healthy, as “good enough for Celtic, but not better than what they have”. There is no denying Patterson’s attacking prowess would fit in with Celtic’s high octane attack. Patterson’s 8 goals before he was injured is about what we would expect from his xG of 7.23. For a fullback, Patterson’s weakness is definitely the defensive side of his responsibilities. However, much like one would expect Liam Boyce to get more opportunities lining up for Celtic, you could also hypothesize that Patterson would have less opportunities to be exposed defensively playing for Celtic.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.34.08 PM.png

So when I previously mentioned the lack of public data for Scotland? Yeah, something like this is sadly not available. Though as interest in stats in Scottish football has grown, so have those interested in producing content on it. Here relatively new guy on the block “The SPFL Radar” twitter account has created a stats radar for McKay.

McKay Radar.jpg

I would also really quickly like to discuss the “community” surrounding Scottish football stats. One could accuse some of those involved in EPL stats twitter to be over saturated and unwilling to help those just learning about the basics of analytics in football. I have found the absolute opposite of those interested in stats in Scottish football. The most well known accounts are always willing to lend a hand and share info for those looking for it. I would suggest tapping these resources if you have any interest in Scottish football or stats (OR BOTH!)

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 8.36.34 PM.png


I asked Michael what he wanted to use to compare Garner to the rest of the league with and requested expected goals. Garner currently is 12th in the SPFL Premiership in xG total at 5.58, 0.41 xG per 90, and 0.16 xG per shot. With GarnerOuchie.jpgonly 3 goals this season in league play, Garner is underperforming his expected goals. This would suggest he has either been unlucky, not great at finishing, or some combination of both. One would expect his goal total to improve, you know, once he comes back from…

We’ll close out our first mailbag with two questions from emailer Michael M., concluding with perhaps the most important question facing Scottish football today.

How do the SPFL teams rank in terms of expected goals per shot?


Motherwell’s prolific duo of strikers have had another great season for the Steelmen so far. Louis Moult and Scott McDonald have contributed 15 of Motherwell’s league goals this season and are the biggest reason why they have the highest xG per shot in the league at 0.16 xG per shot.

Which SPFL player would make the best Bachelor?

I was unsure if the readers of this blog would know what “The Bachelor” is. After consulting with my “sources”, I was told that The American edition of “The Bachelor was on Channel 5. That is the channel of shit programs.” If you are unfamiliar with it, one male dates 25 females, eliminating a few of them weekly, until he finds his “winner” who he proposes to. The whole idea is, of course, ludicrous.

However, sometimes in a relationship you have to compromise. My spouse puts up with my sports viewing and “sports spreadsheets” (her term for the excel sheet where I house my stats), so I can watch 2 hours of a reality dating show.

Now, most know I support Celtic but I would like to believe I am impartial when it comes to discussing stats in the SPFL. However, in choosing the first star of “The SPFL Premiership Bachelor”, I could only think of one midfielder from Celtic.



Now, while I have stats for every SPFL Premiership player, I must admit my knowledge of the marital status of each player and if they would do well on a silly reality dating show is lacking. Do you have a better suggestion for the first star of “The SPFL Bachelor”?

2 thoughts on “Mailbag: Set Pieces, Transfers, xG, and Who in the SPFL Would Make the Best Bachelor?

  1. Thanks for the blog, I love looking through stats on players and teams etc… Stats try to present an objective view of performances which I find enhances my enjoyment of the game.
    One point I would make though is that they don’t always capture the circumstances of how the statistic was built. The view that Liam Boyce would score more than Shorty at Celtic may not be as clear cut as the stats show. As the perceived wisdom is that teams the tend to defend deeper and park the bus when playing Celtic. Which Liam might find reduces his efficacy.
    Thanks again


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