By now, many of you have realized B.U.R.L.E.Y. hates your team. Celtic fans taking thistleexception to B.U.R.L.E.Y. thinking the Bhoys won’t finish the year undefeated, Rangers fans mad that B.U.R.L.E.Y. is of the opinion they will finish far behind their Glaswegian rivals. Aberdeen fans perplexed by a possible 4th to 5th finish predicted by B.U.R.L.E.Y. The list goes on.

After you get past the top 5 in the SPFL Premiership, things have been incredibly tight. Five points separate last place from sixth place as of writing this. Heck, Ross County who, by both stats and the naked eye, have struggled this season currently sit sixth and only 4 points behind fifth place St. Johnstone, albeit having played one more match than the Saints. Things are equally tight in the fight for a top six place and fighting to avoid relegation. The always tricky promotion/relegation playoff awaits the club that finishes in eleventh and is another thing teams will be trying to avoid.

Since I brought B.U.R.L.E.Y. out to forecast who was going to finish where in the battle for the Premiership title and the European spots, I thought I would do the same thing to get a grip who is going to finish where at the bottom end of the SPFL Premiership. I’ll add the methodology of how I came up with B.U.R.L.E.Y. for anyone who missed the first post (Hi Partick Thistle fans who retweeted B.U.R.L.E.Y.’s prediction for the Hearts match but then also liked me stat-splaining Azeez’s miss against Celtic!) Again, I warn you if the nitty gritty of how I am calculating you will bore you to tears, I would skip ahead of this part. I will give you the results after it.

To come up with B.U.R.L.E.Y., I borrowed Mark Taylor, from the Power of Goals Blog, simulations method with a few tweaks. Using the expected goal data from the SPFL I have gathered, I took the xG average for the league, the average xG both home and away for mcdonaldevery club, and the xG for and against for every club to come up with a calculation for xG for every match up between every team in the SPFL Premiership.

With these expected goal figures, I use Poisson distribution to come up with the probability of every scoreline for every match up in the league. For example, there is a 0.000000000046% chance that Hamilton will beat Partick Thistle 10-7! If we sum the winning score lines for each team in each of these match-ups, we can determine the probabilities of who B.U.R.L.E.Y. thinks will win each match.

Once we have the win probabilities for every match up, we can then run simulations for every game each club has remaining in Excel, as Mark details how to in the link above. We
run each club’s remaining season (up until the league splits into a top half and bottom half, since we won’t know who each club will face in their last 5 matches, because LOLSPFL) 1000 times (…and BOY are their legs tired). We take the point total B.U.R.L.E.Y. suggests will happen most frequently and boom, that’s how many points B.U.R.L.E.Y. thinks your team will end up with.

(End of methodology section if you wanted to skip that part!)


You will notice I updated B.U.R.L.E.Y.’s thoughts on the top half of the league. He still sees Celtic as run away favorites for the title, but now thinks Rangers will pull away from the pack and be 7 points ahead for 2nd at the time the table splits. Hearts will be behind Rangers in third, but will be in that position comfortably B.U.R.L.E.Y. foresees. Aberdeen and St. Johnstone will go into the split equal on points, which would likely be a disappointment for the Dons.

Now let us look at the bottom half of the table. B.U.R.L.E.Y. thinks that the fight against relegation will be far from over as we head into May. Motherwell is projected to finish 6th, largely on the attacking prowess of Louis Moult and Scott McDonald. Perhaps a bit of a surprise is B.U.R.L.E.Y. predicting Ross County will be seventh at this junction as well, but B.U.R.L.E.Y. is predicting that the Staggies will be only 6 points off the bottom when 5 matches remain. No word what B.U.R.L.E.Y. thinks will happen to Liam Boyce’s back…you know…SINCE HE’S CARRYING THAT ENTIRE TEAM ON HIS BACK!

Dashboard 1-5.png

As far as the rest of the relegation peloton, B.U.R.L.E.Y suspects there will be all to play for after the split. He predicts only 3 points will separate Partick Thistle, Hamilton, Dundee, Inverness CT, and Kilmarnock. That is 3 points between 7th and top. Partick Thistle and Dundee have showed some improved form, so one would think they would be the favorites from that group to stay up. However, if B.U.R.L.E.Y. is correct in how razor thin the margins will be between safety and relegation, it might not be smart to call any of these clubs safe.


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