Not only did the inclement weather stop half the matches this past weekend in the SPFL Premiership, it gives teams an uneven amount of games played which can really bother someone with OCD tendencies, such as your humble author. This is where measuring stats for teams in players in per 90 minute metrics comes in handy. I thought the bad weather could offer an opportunity to update some graphs and charts on different metrics in the SPFL.


Or view an interactive version of this graph here.

Celtic far and away lead total expected goals and average expected goals in the SPFL, which makes sense given that Leigh Griffiths is the leading goal scorer of the SPFL and has nearly 4 more expected goals than the next highest player. Along with Griffiths strong play, Celtic have asserted their offensive firepower with a Total Shot Ratio of 0.74 (meaning they have 74% of the shots in a match on average), a Total Shot on Target Ratio of 0.75 (75% of Shots on Target in a match on average), and a total xG of 31.60, which is over 11 expected goals higher than the next highest club in the SPFL. While Celtic’s attack has been good, the graph below might even suggest based on their xG total they should be scoring more goals. If Celtic can find that fourth gear on their attack, they could really put some room on the table between themselves and the rest of the league.

Link for graph

xG_G Team


Link for graph

Looking at TSR and TSoR, it is no surprise why Kilmarnock’s keeper Jamie MacDonald has the second highest save percentage in the SPFL. Facing that many shots and shots on target, he is bound to get the gloves on some of them! Kilmarnock have some ugly shot numbers and combined with their not great expected goal totals makes me believe come end of season they will be worrying about that relegation playoff with the contender coming out of the SPFL Championship. Heck, if Dundee United get their stuff together, Killie could find themselves in the automatic relegation spot.


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